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ICmyhotel Company History Ireson Computing Ltd

ICmyhotel was established in December 1989 as Ireson Computing Ltd. The brand name of ICmyhotel came along as a concept some years later. The popular European city sites began with a website for the city of York. The site was initially a simple guide to the city providing details of the main tourist attractions, historic buildings, museums with individual reviews and recommendations.

People Needed To Find York For It To Flourish - SEO

The main reason we did this is because we saw York, the city in which we are based, as a thriving tourist town. We also saw the potential of the internet many years before it became so popular as a way of find York. So York needed tourists and tourists will look on the internet for where to go. This was a big problem as search engines were finding New York and ignoring York. So we went about making York possible to find through good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. We did it and still do this very well.

The Next Stage Made It All Really Worth The Time

Then, we were approached by an English company to sell a number of hotels online for York. Due to the success of these products and a growing consumer confidence about booking online, new hotels and B&B's also approached us to list their accommodation. Since the introduction of the online booking system we have been able to expand around Western Europe. All the sites have gone from strength to strength, year after year. We now offer you an unprecedented choice of where to stay, with secure server technology, at a price that's right.