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ICmyhotel Hotel Club for Frequent Bookers

The hotel club is a facility for people who book hotels often. We have four types of membership available with benefits that improve, as more bookings are received through your account.

  • Bronze Membership = 1% discount. Book and use a minimum of 2000 gbp, or equivalent in gbp and euros per year.
  • Silver Membership = 2% discount 3000 gbp or equivalent in gbp and euros worth of reservations per year.
  • Gold Membership = 3% discount on 5000 gbp worth of bookings per year.
  • Platinum Membership = 4% discount on 10000 gbp worth of booking each year.

Hotel Club Rules

All reservations must be made through the web page we have set up for you on this site for it to be included in your discount calculations. The sum of the bookings that have not been canceled and there has not been a no show at, are taken every six months. The dates of these are June 1st and December 1st. The discounts you have qualified for here will be paid into the bank account you have specified to us in your application.

Each applicant will have a unique URL (web page) assigned to them and must use that page to book if they wish to receive the discounts we have on offer. Applications for our hotel club are now available . Please email for further details.

Please note all rebates are only on the hotel room prices. This does not include any extras on the bill, just the hotel booking at the price you booked it at with us. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate accounts at any time.