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Must See European Destinations

What do we consider must see tourist attraction? All our sites are online tourist guides with individual interpretation. We offer pictures, well researched information and reviews for historic buildings, sites of interest, restaurants, public houses and nightclubs in the cities we cover.
There are numerous inspiring and stimulating attractions in York. Historic buildings such as the Minster, Clifford's tower, the city walls and its 4 bars (wall entrances), educational venues like, the National railway museum and Yorvik, the Viking attraction. York is also home to medieval halls, Georgian houses, as well as many English Heritage properties. There are ghost walks, dungeons, galleries, museums and many other things to see in York, as well as shopping in the medieval shambles.
Edinburgh is a historic city that has a modern attitude. The castle, royal mile and grassmarket are high on the "must see" list. Why not explore the busy cobbled streets in the old town, as well as the many new stylishly modern bars of the new town. Edinburgh is also host to many world renown festivals throughout the year.
London is one of the world's busiest and largest cities. This sprawling metropolis is steeped in history with a vast array of architectural buildings, museums and art galleries. It is a vibrant city than never sleeps, boasting many prestigious fashion boutiques, modern bars and nightclubs.
Paris is a beautiful and romantic city with many historical sites, buildings, museums and art galleries to visit. It is also the host city of a vibrant fashion scene with numerous thriving restaurants, bistros and bars.
Rome is often viewed as "the eternal city" because of its many historic buildings, monuments and museums. It is also home to some fantastic galleries. It is the home of the Colosseum, the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and many more enchanting sites.
Barcelona has many riches to offer the visitor, from the spectacular architecture to the many quirky museums, streets of market stalls, unique restaurants and bars. It has long sandy beaches, which experience sunshine for 11 months of the year.
Each town or city page we offer you here has a short well researched travel guide on it. We have highlighted the most famous of the attraction to make sure you don't miss them. There is an awful lot to see here so take your time as you read through to make the right choice of where to go.
A young persons dream holiday will end up at some point in Amsterdam. The fabulous coffee shops, great restaurants, splendid museums and much much more are on offer here. You will never be bored as the nightlife here is legendary. As one bar closes down, the one next to it is just getting going. If it is all to much, you can simply relax and see the sights along the canals on a quiet cruise.